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What Teachers Are Saying

I used this in 5th grade for a couple of students who were struggling with the division when we got to dividing with remainders. This was a great step-by-step breakdown for them and they were able to use it on their own without practice. Next year I plan to use it for whole-group beginning instruction to help support all of my students.

Chloe R.¬†‚≠ź

I loved this resource the checklist is very helpful to keep my students organized and remind them of all the steps they need to take when doing long division. Having the tables on the side where they can determine how many times a number goes into another number has been very helpful since it was something some of my students struggled with. The fact its color coded is another plus because it helps them know where all the numbers must go.


This really helped my students understand the process of how to find least common denominators. I put one in a page protector for each student and they really appreciated having this tool!

Ginger C.¬†‚≠ź

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Get the Lyrics and Videos to the Songs That Have Been Viewed Over 60 Million Times!